This learning journey was like an initiation process for me: we all started out 8 weeks ago, united by our desire to learn, and we progressively discovered new pathways, new territories which were uncovered week after week. A journey made of both discovery and work, awe and questionning, and throughout we could each find domains of thought that resonated, ideas that helped us find our own way.
The learning journey, in form and content, is very high quality and enables a level of comprehension and integration that I found very effective. Well done for the creativity in the video formats, the combination of documentary, analysis and interviews works brilliantly and never ceases to create surprise, questions, emotion.
I found the pathfinder interviews very interesting and complementary with the rest of the course.
The two live sessions are great, very complementary, and held by two inspiring experts, Johan and Christophe. We would have liked to have more time with each of them to go deeper into some notions which are complex and need more time to explore to be integrated well.