To whom is our course addressed?

Our course is aimed at collaborators at all levels of the organization, whether they are directors, managers, or employees. It is designed for those who are eager to go beyond merely reducing negative impacts and move towards creating mutual and sustainable benefits within their companies. This course aims to equip participants with the skills necessary to integrate systemic thinking into their daily tasks, starting with the analysis of their relationships with stakeholders and progressing to the design of a regenerative economic model.

Is this training suitable for all types of businesses?

The course is aimed at companies that are aware of ecological and social issues and have a basic understanding of the planetary boundaries concept. The diversity of participants’ profiles within their organisations brings great richness to the discussions during the exercises offered by the course.

What is the level of personal investment required to follow the course?

The Introduction to Regenerative Business course runs over 10 weeks with 3 weeks of breaks to give participants breathing space and allow them to catch up on any delays. It offers ~25 hours of digital content (explanatory videos, interviews with companies and experts in the regenerative approach), as well as remote applied learning exercises and live sessions. Based on our initial cohorts, we estimate an average individual investment of 2.5 hours per week: 1 hours of video content followed by applied learning exercises  (content can be viewed in multiple sessions) and 1.5 hours of live sessions.

Is the course schedule fixed, or can I adapt it to my work pace?

The course is scheduled over 10 weeks, including 3 weeks of breaks during which no new content is added and no live session is planned. Video content is accessible online at any time on the EdApp learning platform, with modules being gradually unlocked throughout the 10 weeks to ensure a coherent progression. The live sessions are available for replay on the learning platform in any case.

Are the live sessions recorded?

The recordings are available until 48 hours after the live sessions on the EdApp learning platform.

Can I still access the course content after the program ends?

The digital content (including live session replays) is available for six months following the end of your course. Presentation materials can be downloaded at any time from the EdApp learning platform.

Do the Butterfly course award diplomas?

The Butterfly course does not award diplomas. However, a certificate of completion is sent at the end of the course. This is an official document that can be shared with your company (e.g., human resources, accountant, organisation, etc.) to validate your participation in the course. We also offer each participant the opportunity to complete a personalised certificate at the end of the course. This format allows participants to express how they have developed  during the course, the implementation steps they plan to take within their organisation, and to share these with their networks.

I am either self-employed, seeking employment or employee of a company. How can I finance the course?

AXA Climate is a Qualiopi-certified training organization. If your company is based in France or the European Union, it can receive financial support for part or all of the training costs from an OPCO.

What does the Qualiopi certification stand for?

The Qualiopi certification ensures mutual benefits from the course participants, external speakers, and the teaching team. As part of the Qualiopi certification, the teaching team commits to meeting the specific needs and expectations expressed by participants before the course begins. A dropout management process is implemented to follow participants’ progress and address specific requests made during the training. A satisfaction survey is also sent to participants at the end of the course as part of a continuous improvement process and to provide corrective action if necessary. Finally, an evaluation is offered to participants to measure the impact of the course at the end, and to external speakers to validate their acquired knowledge.

How can I get more information about the course before enrolling?

You can contact us at any time by clicking here: Contact