Who We Are

Butterfly is a movement co-created by AXA Climate, LUMIÅ, La Jolie Prod et Regenerescence to catalyse a concrete transition towards regenerative business


the conditions for life on Earth, coming back under 280PPM of CO2 in the atmosphere, sustaining biodiversity to enable a stable life support system, to mention only two of the nine planetary boundaries.

The Butterfly approach comes from three shared intentions:


the power of living principles, through relearning to feel and intimately connect with living beings, human and more-than-human.


business and culture in a practical way to offer direction, inspire action and transform businesses for ecological, social, human and cultural regeneration.

The project is organised around three activities:
Learning, with the Butterfly School supporting businesses to step onto the path towards regeneration
Co-designing, to accompany businesses wanting to transform their business models, culture, organisation and key functions (Marketing, HR, investments…)
Connecting to place, for businesses to rediscover their role in place (geology, water, biodiversity, communities, etc.)